Monday, April 12, 2010

Home Alone (Wishful Thinking)

Many people abhor Mondays. People with jobs they hate. People who don't spend the entire weekend trying to catch their breath (and a sandwich) running from baseball fields, to lacrosse fields, to track & fields. People who are awakened before sunrise, and remain trapped in their own home with tiny minions that need constant diaper changing, feeding, and attention.

I am not one of those people.

Monday mornings, my house empties by 7:40am, and I am alone. At peace with my coffee, my computer, and my to-do list (insert "happy dance" here). It's my prerogative to either deal with the list, or not. I may find a good movie "on demand." I may camp out in front of my computer, bouncing from website to website. I may even get a phone call from a long-distance friend and spend an hour or more catching up. Don't judge me. I've paid my dues.

None of that is happening today. Today, I have a gentleman here to wallpaper my powder room. After two years of being "a work in progress," it's time. Summer is just around the corner (we refer to it as, "visitors' season"), and I'm thrilled to cross this project off the list. And since neither Big Daddy nor I have skills in this area (obviously....not even good at getting the stuff down, let alone, back up), we have hired out the job. The gentleman came highly recommended. He does great work, is quick, and is cheap. SOLD! However, he likes to strike up conversations with me as he works. UGH!!!

Don't look now, but he's about 12 feet behind me, preparing a strip of paper. I'm good for the 10 minutes he's in the powder room, but just as I'm about to get my mojo rolling, he comes back to cut another strip and the small talk begins. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy, and I'm the Queen of Small Talk, but IT'S MY MONDAY! MY DAY! MY QUIET, PEACEFUL, DO WHATEVER I WANT DAY! And I don't want to explain what Zumba is or discuss how the neighbor with cancer is doing or hear about where his daughter goes to college.


So this is it, people. Here's my Monday blog. If I had a laptop, I would retreat to the deck (out of ear-shot where it's sunny and mid-60's) and be a little more creative, thought-provoking, or entertaining. But alas, I do not. So, instead, I will grab a book, my iPhone, and an iced coffee. I'll be close enough for emergencies....far enough for some privacy.

Monday sucks.


  1. Next item for your savings wishlist: one laptop computer.

    As for the chatty-Cathy handyman, start complaining about menstrual cramps and I bet he'll shut up. Unless he has some home remedies that always work for his wife and which he'd be happy to share with you...then you're screwed.

  2. When my kids were little, I craved the day they all went to school. Then I started working full time teaching teenagers, and came home to four of my own. When I started Grad school and they all went out the door for the first time, I screamed, danced and jumped (peed my pants, of course in the process) because for the first time in 17 year, I was home alone. Now, even though I have to write stupid papers theorizing all the normal things we do all day, I would not trade my days home alone for anything. I know you've paid your dues. Anyone with more than one child has.

    You must get a laptop. It makes tanning and to-do lists possible from April thru October! Even in Wana World!

  3. Love the laptop. I second Wendy - you can't beat the repelling powers of menstrual stories.

  4. Three things one can deduce from the fact that I do not own my own laptop.

    1) I am not a student
    2) I am not a teacher
    3) I am not a writer

    And the truth is, I covet a large-screen apple before a laptop. Maybe there will be a BOGO offer.

  5. I popped over from Wendy's blog to say hi and to congratulate you on your award. Fun post! :-)