Friday, April 2, 2010


So much to cover today....where to start?

GOTCHA! I cannot believe how many of you (via my fb pages) actually believed the story that I posted last night, on April 1, 2010! I saved the post for later in the day, because I assumed everyone's guard would be up in the a.m. It worked. Although, I have to admit, that little guy (taken from the interwebs) was so cute. I may NOT have been able to turn him down if the encounter actually happened.

Kudos to my bbf (best blogger friend) Wendy, who not only called my bluff, but inspired the post. You see, on Monday, Wendy awarded me the (Bald Faced Liar)Creative Blogger Award. With the award came instructions to create a list of lies and one truth about myself. I then pass the award on to other bloggers as a way to share info about ourselves and encourage creative writing. Because I am an open book (and because my "fact" is stranger than any fiction that I could dream up), I decided to create one big fat lie, on April Fool's Day, and sell it to my peeps. And many bought it. Thanks to those of you who must have known better, but played along anyway. And because at my core I am a rule follower who hates to disappoint, here is my feeble attempt to complete the requirements of the award (abbreviated approach):

1. I have a teacup Yorkie named Sparky.

2. I have a spark plug named Yorkie.

3. I invented the PedEgg.

4. I have a band and a solo career, and am married to Gavin Rossdale.

5. I am a PC, and Windows 7 was my idea.

6. I host a 30-minute cooking show on The Food Network.

7. My creative writing skills could be improved upon.

The next part is even harder for me. I'm to pass this on to five other bloggers. As a newbie, I am not that well-read (or networked) in the blogosphere. This screen has been up for over an hour as I perused new blogs, trying to find someone I felt a connection to and wanted to follow. It's not that they're not there, but I can't find them when put on the spot (also, Wendy already hit up two I would target). As a result, I am listing only two. One, a person from my past. Secondly, a person I will begin following.

JJ at the Landii,
KLM at A Rock In My Pocket,

If you're in the mood for wholesome family goodness, read JJ's posts. If you'd like to cybermeet a real writer, who seems not only gifted, but gracious (and hilarious), head to A Rock In My Pocket.

And speaking of true authors, don't forget to visit my BBF Wendy:
On'n On 'n On - Because a Writer Always Has Something to Say

Lastly, the month of April is upon us. Spring has sprung and Project 12-in-12 has begun! First up at the Blahblahskis: Mudroom/Powder Room/Laundry Room. That's right. I'm tackling three rooms in one (because they're practically connected and they feed into each other). That's all for now. Just a teaser. Tune in Monday to see the "Before" pics. And take some photos of your own to share on my Aleighopolis fan page. We're in this together, People!!

That's a wrap. Happy Easter. Happy Passover. Happy Trails.