Friday, March 5, 2010

Writer's Block? So soon?

So, it's Friday.

Didn't I just start a blog two weeks ago and set a goal to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? I didn't profess it on the site, because I wouldn't want anyone to be able to call me on it. But I know I promised myself thrice a week posts. And I believe I mentioned it to a few others (in order to hold myself accountable).

Didn't I proclaim that not only did I feel the urge or the desire to write, but that I felt compelled to write? Yes, yes I did. I did basically say that. I think I got that point across in the 'Butt Look Big?" entry.

Today, not so much. Today was a busy day. Today I had conversations with people face to face, versus in cyberspace. Today was, literarily speaking, an uninspired day. It was a good day, but not a good blogging day.

And yet, here it is. A blog, basically about nothing. My Seinfeld blogalogue. Squeaking in, under the wire. I'm making good on my promise. This is Friday's blog. Do with it what you will.

Monday is just around the corner. We'll call it, "Redemption Monday." Because setting the bar higher seems like a great idea for the busy, uninspired beginner blogger.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Dude...don't beat yourself up. I can't read 3x a week. So do once a week and that will give you a break!!:-) Love you!

  2. I just started blogging a month ago and promised myself only once/week, just to avoid the "Seinfeld" blog, which I did enjoy incidentally. Bottom line, i'm with "K" who recommends you cut yourself some slack and lower the bar a bit. We won't judge you ;-)